Artificial Intelligence in Fashion & Design
The fashion industry keeps us on our toes with jaw dropping creativity and design. The challenge is that the products we see are often the result of an endless amount of wasted material, unproductive human labor, and design limitations. COUTURME, a startup led by Yuliya Raquel (Co-Founder & CEO), seeks to solve those issues. In this episode, we discuss AI’s ability to enhance design creativity, starting an AI company as a non-technical founder, and transitioning from a B2B to B2C customer base.
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
1:06 Merging Fashion and Ai for effective garment production
2:37 Excessive resources needed to design and develop a new fashion product
6:19 Fabric wasted during production
8:13 Yulia’s awakening to the environmental pollution in the fashion industry
9:35 How Tailornova was born
13:37 The process behind the purchase and delivery of an order at Tailornova
14:52 How Yulia met her technical cofounder
19:41 The hustle that went behind starting Tailornova 
22:31 Using AI to scale Tailornova
27:59 Growing the team in order to cater for AI growth in the company
32:07 The future of Tailornova 
30:26 Growing during the Covid pandemic
Resources – The main brand website – B2B Tech platform   – How their fashion tech works.


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