AI in Field Services & Asset Management with vikram takru of KloudGin
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
1:56 Identifying where to create value in field services
4:52 How KloudGin is addressing problems in field services and asset management
6:59 Most common use cases of KloudGin
9:18 Developing a data strategy and collecting data on field crews
11:07 Where to begin in the data journey
13:18 Creating ROI for customers via user adoption and worker productivity
17:18 Solving the user adoption issue in technology solutions
20:13 Working with the end-user to iterate on UI/UX
21:40 User adoption at KloudGin
23:33 Leaning on you Co-Founder as a non-technical Founder
26:20 Winning the talent war by retraining existing employees
30:24 Organizing a team to build an AI product with high user adoption
36:01 Advice: sit with customer more often, beginning Day 1


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