Artificial Intelligence in Patient Engagment
Imagine AI solving challenges related to loneliness and social isolation. Aging adults would certainly benefit as many health related issues they face could be mitigated by having a non-judgmental sounding board to converse with. is taking this challenge head on, providing AI-enabled avatars to improve patient engagement. In this episode, I sit with Victor Wang, Founder and CEO of We discuss how to get the data needed to launch an AI platform, strategies for finding healthcare companies, and differentiating AI solutions from tech giants.
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
1:33 How Victor came up with the idea for
 3:35 The impact of loneliness and social isolation on patient health and healthcare costs 
5:39 Solving social isolation challenges with a global workforce (precursor for AI)
 7:12 How works and use cases of improvements in patient engagement 
10:58 How is helping to solve loneliness 
14:19 The key problem with the healthcare system in the US 
17:45 How is differentiated from other digital health services tech 
18:32 Leveraging an expert system as a precursor to AI and launching a data strategy 
20:22 Establishing a unique data set to truly personalize conversations with user 
23:25 Finding the first customer(s) and scaling sales, demonstrating ROI 
25:40 The unique challenge of selling into healthcare organizations and strategies to win 
28:46 Victor’s takeaways from his launching journey
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