Artificial Intelligence in Email Security (Phishing) with Tiffany Ricks of HacWare
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
2:21 Technology was a tool that empowered Tiffany’s early entrepreneurial dreams
7:08 Learning how to build an enterprise solution by working for one of the US’s top defense contractors
8:56 Launching a new venture while maintaining a corporate job
9:51 Beginning the journey as a services business
11:57 The case for starting as a services business and transitioning to a product-led business
15:23 Identifying AI as a solution to solve cybersecurity challenges from clients
18:04 What is Phishing and how is HacWare addressing it as an issue
25:05 Acquiring data required to properly classify email
27:23 Challenges and learning lessons from labeling initial data sets
30:44 Feature engineering and key indicators of risky behavior
33:39 Restructuring the team when transitioning to product company
36:45 Process for acquiring first customers as an early stage company
41:30 Joining TechStars New York
44:06 Favorite tech tool: Slack (because of Coffee Roulette)
46:20 Who most inspires Tiffany: Ellie from the movie Up, Michelle Obama, and more


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