AI in Conversational Intelligence
with Surbhi Rathore of Symbl
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
1:05 How Surbhi landed in AI
2:14 Identifying a pain point to solve in the market with AI
4:22 Finding a Co-Founder in your current company
5:31 How Symbl, at first, got rejected by Techstars
7:17 Receiving backing from Amazon Alexa Fund
8:57 The pain that exists in analyzing human to human conversation
12:18 They Symbl product
14:00 Most common use cases
17:19 Identifying the buyer of voice intelligence
18:37 What’s the ROI of a conversational intelligence product
20:07 Finding AI talent as a startup – affordably
25:18 Building the first version of the product
28:00 Finding the first few customers
30:01 Why content marketing is a great Day 1 strategy


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