AI in Data Storytelling
with Stuart Frankel of Narrative Science
Storytelling is one of our oldest pastimes and the easiest method to retain information. Historically, we have digested stories through narrative format, but with the explosion of data, BI tools, and dashboard narratives have been replaced by numbers – until now. This week we sit with Stuart Frankel, Co-Founder and CEO of Narrative Science, to understand how AI is being used to create narratives out of numerical data.
Show Notes with Timestamps :

1:32 From auditor to AI Startup Founder
4:06 History of Narrative Science
6:40 Starting with technology, then finding a market
10:00 Making data digestible for the non-data person
14:09 Leveraging customers to further define product
17:58 Use case: Asset managers/portfolio managers investment performance reporting
19:13 Defining ROI and 3 examples of value added to customers
23:42 How a customer engages with the product
28:45 Data collection to seed ML algorithms
30:35 Is AI important to the customer? And, how the customer conversation has evolved
34:07 Buyer profile within the customer organization
36:58 Creating a market vs. launching in an existing market


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