AI in Photo Enhancement with Sofiia Shvets of Let's Enhance
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
2:53 Sofiia’s background – starting in economics then experiencing AI at Google
6:55 AI as deep tech vs AI as a tool…Sophia share a few use cases
11:17 Identifying a use case for AI and the decision to become and entrepreneur
12:37 Combining her natural interest in visual imagery with a pain point in the market
14:59 Launching on Product Hunt and narrowing product market fit
16:28 Use cases and beneficiaries of photo enhancement tech
17:41 How Let’s Enhance earned product of the day on Product Hunt
22:48 The key skills a CTO brings to the table for a non-technical Founders
26:02 Thoughts on the best time/situations to work with contractors (to build product)
31:12 The decision to split the team between Silicon Valley and Europe
34:49 Joining Techstars and how it helped accelerate their growth as first time Founders
38:31 User experience for Let’s Enhance product
41:28 Favorite tech tools: Notion, iPad and iPencil
43:49 Who inspires Sofiia: Naval Ravikant “The Buddha of Silicon Valley”


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