Artificial Intelligence in In-Store Speech Analytics with Sebastian Jimenez of Rillavoice
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
1:38 Growing up in the Dominican Republic and discovering tech through a love of standup comedy
2:47 It all started with an interview of the Etsy Founders
4:02 Passing up on a safe job/secure paycheck with Qualtrics to become a tech founder
5:41 The benefits of joining a startup accelerator – pitching Entrepreneur’s Roundtable (ERA)
9:33 The precursor for Rillavoice – discovering the use case for AI in the field
13:13 Examples of data driven insights used to improve operations
18:18 How Rillavoice works and how the customer engages with the tech
21:00 Out of the box AI solutions vs reality – and managing customer expectations
25:34 Selling an NLP product in different countries with different languages
27:33 Trying to find the ideal target customer as a startup
28:25 Do clients care that you are using AI in your product?
32:12 “The biggest challenge for me at the beginning… was to get the right team”
34:34 Convincing his founders to quit their cushy jobs to join the startup journey
39:47 Data labeling: weighing the pros and cons of doing it internally vs outsourcing
43:10 Last 2 pieces of advice for AI startup founders


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