Artificial Intelligence in Home Maintenance with Satadru Sengupta
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):

4:16 Three phases of evolution of AI in the enterprise
7:06 Working with stakeholders to define data and ensure AI solution engagement
9:39 How enterprises can determine AI use cases to tackle first
11:55 Balancing between quick wins and long-term impact when choosing an AI project
14:20 How Satadru chose which sector he’d launch an AI startup
20:04 How users engage with Dobby and it’s core functionalities
24:35 Creating the architecture required to deliver an effective AI solution
25:59 Dobby’s geographic expansion strategy
27:54 Establishing a strong founding team
32:03 The playbook — How a global talent/engineering team enabled Dobby to scale economically
37:15 Keys to make a remote work team function efficiently
41:33 Lessons Learned: Add value to earn data (from customer)
44:03 Favorite tech tool as an AI Founder
44:32 Favorite leaders in AI and in Business


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