AI in Non-Profit Fundraising
with Rich Palmer Gravyty
Non-profit organizations, you would think, are the last to adopt emerging technology. With fundraising being such a critical element of any non-profits existence, leaders are turning to artificial intelligence to optimize their ability to build and maintain relationships with donors. In this episode, we sit with the Co-Founder and CTO of Gravyty to discuss how they are leveraging AI to enhance their communication with donors.
Show Notes with Timestamps :

2:08 Raising $21mm while focused on non-profits
3:35 Idea generation / coming up with a product idea
7:45 About the product
9:30 Who in a non-profit would use this product?
13:55 Leveraging AI to enhance the non-profit fundraising
15:25 Optimizing the user experience and product delivery mechanism
21:25 Co-founder dynamics – marrying data science expertise with subject matter expertise
25:50 Finding the first customer
29:30 Building the data science/machine learning team
37:16 Understanding the choice in architecture
38:20 Accelerating the learning process by offering free product


Company website:
VentureBeat Article:


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