Artificial Intelligence in Industrial Manufacturing Ops with Nikunj Mehta of Falkonry
Whether we are talking investing or sports, pattern recognition reigns supreme as the key characteristic enabling top performing professionals to rise above the competition. For the industrial manufacturing industry, pattern recognition in IoT data (as well as video and image data) have opened an opportunity to drive operational efficiencies and greater profit margins. Artificial intelligence has emerged as thee solution to innovate in manufacturing. Falkonry is a bootstrapped startup that is attempting to revolutions manufacturing operations.

In this episode, I sit with the Founder and CEO of Falkonry, Nikunj Mehta. We discuss the genesis of Falkonry, opportunities to drive operational efficiencies in manufacturing, data acquisition, why real-time prediction is critical to proving ROI, early hiring, and much much more.

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Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
1:40 The underlying meaning behind “Falkonry” and how it parallels AI
5:32 New Data Types Create New Economies | The genesis of Falkonry
7:38 The case for solving operational inefficiencies in manufacturing
13:38 How Falkonry, as a startup, acquired data to train AI
16:01 An approach to determining which data features are important
22:00 “There is no company that has high quality ground truth in industrial operations”
24:46 Communicating ROI to industrial manufacturing customers
32:00 First key hires in the early days as a startup + scaling as a bootstrapped company
36:25 Leading a team split between US and India
39:02 Why Tom Siebel (CEO of C3 AI) and Mark Benioff (Salesforce) inspire Nikunj
40:30 Favorite tech tool: Slack


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