Artificial Intelligence in Meeting Scheduling with Nash Ahmed of Undock
Special Guest: Chenda Bunkasem
In this new remote work we live in, we have all been forced to experience the pain of meeting scheduling. From back and forth emails, to time zone mistakes, to calendar confusion – all of these represent wasted time and resources. Undock, which identifies itself with a spaceship, is to prepared to bring us into the new world, leveraging artificial intelligence to solve our scheduling woes.

In this episode, I sit with Nash Ahmed (Founder and CEO) as well as Chenda Bunkasem (Head of AI) to discuss predictive scheduling, fundraising while building game changing products, being intentional about hiring diverse talent, as well as the people that inspire our two guests.

Undock has an ambitious goal of 1 billion users. If this podcast resonates with you, visit and download the app.

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Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
2:49 Undock’s recent product launch
5:10 Why Undock was Founded
7:10 First, identify the pain point in the market, then decide how AI can add value
9:20 Choosing the right time to embark on the AI journey
11:40 Building your AI with an internal team and when to leverage external resources
15:10 Being purposeful about diversity and building a value driven organization
17:53 Chenda joining the team as Head of AI
21:23 How users and fundraising inspired Undock to go full steam ahead on AI builds
28:17 Lessons learned and challenges of fundraising while also building deep tech
31:37 Identifying Co-Founders and convincing them to join the journey
34:00 What inspires a highly sought-after ML engineer/data scientist to help build/lead
35:35 Getting top ML talent to join your startup journey
40.24 Undock today and in the future (product)
42:02 Chenda’s favorite tech tool: PyTorch and Evernote (and of course, Undock)
43:09 Who inspires Chenda: Tasha McCauley (Board Member at OpenAI, CEO at GeoSims)
44:11 Nash’s favorite tech tool: Discord (and….Undock)
44:40 Who inspires Nash: Chamath Palihapitiya
46:04 Help Undock reach 1 billion users


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