AI in IT Service Management (ITSM)
with Muddu Sudhakar of AISERA
IT Service Management is an industry growing by leaps and bounds as small and large organization become increasing digital. Having recently emerged from stealth mode, AISERA dives into the muck headfirst, leveraging AI to bring greater efficiency to IT, help desk, customer support, cloud, and devops. Leading the charge is Founder and CEO Muddu Suhakar. We discuss building AI infrastructure that scales, hiring, ROI metrics in ITSM, and go-to-market strategy.
Show Notes with Timestamps :

2:55 Why AISERA exists and the problems it solves for customers
8:15 “Data is the new oil” How AISERA is leveraging data and ML algorithms to create value
11:30 Learning from historical data and building an AI infrastructure that works at scale
13:40 AISERA works with and differentiates from other ITSM companies
17:02 Key KPIs and ROI metrics you should evaluate for tools like AISERA
18:34 Leveraging customers as partners to finetunes products and algorithms
22:10 Scaling the team and how AISERA thinks about hiring
26:09 The future of work and distributed teams
28:20 The cloud, intelligent automation, and educating the customer about AI’s possibilities
34:45 Muddu’s mission for starting AISERA


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