Artificial Intelligence in Workforce Cyber Intelligence with Mo Koo of DTEX
We often think of insider threats, related to cybersecurity, as the rogue employee hacking internal systems. However, well-funded nation state attacks have increased complexity as individuals inside the network collaborate with outside organizations with malicious intent. DTEX Systems has set out to leverage AI to combat this issue. In this episode, Mohan Koo (Co-Founder & CTO), walks us through how DTEX developed its data strategy, finding top talent, avoiding “AI science projects” and more.
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
1:54 Finding the intersection of AI and cybersecurity 
4:28 Protecting against insider threats and the identifying vulnerabilities 
6:08 Protecting against nation state cybersecurity threats 
9:00 “The AI journey starts with data.” Good data vs. bad data 
11:00 Moving from statistical analysis to predictive analysis 
12:01 Identifying data necessary to train AI to tackle high complexity attacks 
14:46 Leveraging data from social networks to identify patterns of behavior malicious organizations 
16:52 Winning the AI talent war via global talent sourcing 
20:43 “We’re not here to do science projects”.  Keeping your AI talent focused on business objective 
22:56 Organizing the right team to get proper training data for accurate predictions 
25:15 Bad data in cybersecurity creates a massive number of false positive alerts 
27:05 Creating ROI through employee productivity and heightened job satisfaction 
30:26 Choose your customers wisely! 
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