Artificial Intelligence in Public Safety With Micheal Bingham of xIris
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
2:20 Micheal launching his first software company while in high school
4:12 From a small town in Mississippi to the Big Apple
6:44 Origins of xIris | Rated Top 50 Startup in NYC
9:38 Types of crime and abnormalities detected by xIris
12:00 Launching with law enforcement and the decision to expand to commercial buildings
13:38 Building and testing the MVP
16:14 Finding datasets to use to train ML algorithms
18:00 Navigating the data labeling process for video classification
21:30 “If I could do it all over again, I’d prioritize obtaining data and labeling data…”
22:55 Developing data partnerships to get access to proprietary data
26:00 Initial go-to-market strategy | Getting a boost for accelerators (i.e. Plug n Play)
28:32 Determining what gets built next in the product roadmap
30:14 The process of joining an accelerator + pros and cons
33:33 Moving from solo-founder to identifying a partner
37:31 Getting help with UI design
39:11 Favorite tech tool: Asana
40:30 Why Micheal’s biggest inspiration is Sir Isaac Newton


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Artificial Intelligence in Competitive Intelligence