Visual Quality Inspection in Manufacturing with Max Versace of Neurala
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
1:52 Moving from Italy to getting funded by DARPA to build brain algorithms to control robots
4:04 The origins and evolution of Neurala | solving manufacturing’s challenge with vision inspection
6:20 The business case for moving from Mars Rover to industrial machines
11:02 How Neurala uses visual inspection to improve production in manufacturing
14:20 Catching product issues that are humans miss
15:45 Neurala’s go-to-market and how it’s software is integrated into customer cameras
17:40 Designing a product that doesn’t require AI expertise | Using customer data for anomaly detection
20:41 The difference between AI research and building commercial AI products
22:49 Neurala’s founding team and first few employees | filling gap in engineering talent
27:20 Finding the first few manufacturing customers
31:10 Biggest challenge in building and deploying AI
35:20 Max’s favorite tech tools: Slack
36:30 Why Tim Draper inspires Max


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