Artificial Intelligence in Real Time Sales Guidance with Marc Bernstein of Balto
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
1:45 Growth targets for Balto in 2021
3:16 From sales person to AI Founder | Identifying a problem in your niche
5:06 Scaling your sales team’s coaching without taking your best sellers out of the field
7:38 Why don’t sales people and contact center employees following their call script?
9:43 How Balto will provides in-context speaking point recommendations
13:16 Sales team reporting features
14:13 Why democratizing your sales team’s Rockstar is better than cloning her
16:12 Moving from idea to MVP as a non-technical founding team
19:54 Defining an initial UI/UX and iterating to increase adoption
22:20 Balto’s data journey | training speech recognition and NLP | Solving false positives
24:20 Initial AI team | Start building with one or two superheroes
25:56 Data labeling approach – learning lessons and process management
32:05 What’s more powerful a great data set or a great ML algorithm?
34:08 The purpose of setting customer expectation with AI solutions
35:17 Winning the talent acquisition game
40:53 Secrets to bootstrapping a high growth AI startup
44:07 Favorite tech tool: Zoom – because Balto is almost 100% inside sales
45:00 Why Marc is inspired by Elon Musk


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