AI in Customer Conversation with
Mahi de Silva of Amplify.AI
How can we use artificial intelligence to keep a customer’s undivided attention? In an online world that may be impossible, but AmplifyAI has certainly figured how to reengage distracted customers and keep them on the buyer journey. Its approach to Conversational AI is producing impressive ROI on ad spend, according to Founder and CEO, Mahi de Silva, who we sit with today to learn more about how his firm leverages mobile, social, and web-based communication platforms to “keep the conversation going”.
Show Notes with Timestamps:

3:00 Core customer frustration and product summary
6:36 Re-engaging customers via web, mobile, and social platforms
11:00 Conversion rates leveraging Conversational AI vs. retargeting
12:20 Starting with open source tools vs building your own AI app stack
15:27 Competitive advantage created by data
18:38 Founder selling and finding the first several customers
21:01 How customer size/scale impacts ideal customer profile
23:52 Educating the customer on using Conversational AI
29:40 Merits of leveraging a global team as a startup
31:15 The importance of testing core business assumptions


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