Artificial Intelligence in Autonomous Driving: Interview with Maha Achour of Metawave Corporation
How long before we can order a driverless rideshare vehicle? Billions in investment dollars are being put into the autonomous driving industry with the end goal of vehicles operating without a steering wheel, brake pedals, or a driver. Metawave is building revolutionary technology, leveraging AI, to improve autonomous vehicles’ ability to navigate uncertain paths. In this episode, Maha Achour (Founder, CEO, & CTO of Metawave Corporation) takes us the through where we are today with autonomous driving, accuracy standards, data strategy, and much more.
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):

2:02 The importance of perception in the development of autonomous vehicles
3:43 The current state of autonomous driving; what’s possible today
7:55 Using AI to improve security and safety of autonomous driving vehicles
8:58 How Metawave built its imaging radar platform using Machine Learning
12:05 Leveraging deep learning and the challenges with data
13:42 Reaching an acceptable level of accuracy in predictions
15:15 Data labeling – in-house vs. outsource
18:20 Prediction accuracy in long range vs short range perception
21:45 ROI in customer conversations
25:34 The importance of long range perception in autonomous driving
28:46 Finding and building an AI team
35:20 Winning the war for AI talent as a startup
28:46 Selling into AI hype vs. real demand


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