AI in DevOps & Log Management
with Larry Lancaster of Zebrium
Software development and IT teams spend their day making our lives more efficient – but who is helping the helper? DevOps teams have emerged to increase an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at a higher velocity - but things break - constantly. Zebrium is leveraging machine learning to remove the manual work from catching software incidents, speeding up the mean time to resolution (MTTR). In this episode, Larry Lancaster (Founder and CTO of Zebrium) we discuss how AI is making DevOps teams more efficient, raising money with only an idea, building an AI team, and more.
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):

1:51 Observing the transition from on-prem software to SaaS
3:25 Solving issues with log files/management in a cloud-based environment
4:51 Biggest pain point for DevOps teams, and leveraging machine learning to solve unknown issues
6:37 How Zebrium solves problems
7:16 UI/UX of Zebrium
9:28 Creating economic value to businesses and organizations
11:28 Developing the first version of the product
13:12 Raising VC capital on an idea (no MVP or customers)
17:25 Leveraging partners to acquire data needed to train ML algorithms
18:12 Determining go to market strategy
24:27 Thoughts on building an AI team
26:20 Thoughts on shift remote work environment
29:40 Selling tech that the majority of the world doesn’t understand and identifying the buyer
31:04 Does the fact you have ML help sell the product?
33:22 What Larry would do differently if he could start over from Day 1


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