Enabling Computer Vision AI Applications with Joseph Nelson of Roboflow
With ‘computer vision’ we give machines the ability to see the world around us. Computer vision is enabling the use of game changing technology such as self-driving vehicles, medical image analysis, and facial recognition. Historically, computer vision was only accessible to deeply technical AI experts. Today, innovative companies like Roboflow are reducing its complexity, enabling both technical and non-technical enthusiasts to build and deploy vision applications.

In this episode, I sit with Joseph Nelson (Co-Founder and CEO of Roboflow). We discuss his experience as a serial entrepreneur, building and selling his first AI startup, Roboflow’s major pivot/evolution, a walkthrough of the ML pipeline, leveraging content strategy to attract customers, and much much more.

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Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
2:00 From a career in economics to a passion for software
4:32 Serial Entrepreneur | Experimenting his way to building AI for Congress
8:04 Why it made sense to sell a growing startup after 3 years
10:26 Conceptualizing Roboflow and leaning into the pivot
18:08 Walkthrough from data collection to app deployment
20:45 Where Roboflow fits in the ML pipeline
23:00 Typical user
27:02 Why a content strategy was critical to go-to-market strategy
29:40 Scaling the team beyond the Founders
32:50 Deciding when to hire technical ML talent
34:30 What type of talent fits in an early stage company?
36:35 Favorite Tech Tool: Slack (because of all of the custom integrations)
39:00 Why Joseph is inspired by his Father, Nat Friedman (GitHub) and Patrick Collison
42:40 Roboflow.com free to sign up


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