Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Signal Processing with Jim Shea of DeepSig
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
1:34 Why Jim prefers starting from scratch versus acquiring an existing business
4:33 Getting started in the wireless space as an entrepreneur
5:40 Leveraging AI to solve issues in wireless signals – sending messages from A to B most efficiently
7:58 The importance of signal processing given the emergence of 5G
10:00 DeepSig customers and how the company engages with clients
12:07 Where DeepSig found data to train AI and their strategy for cleaning, organizing, and labeling
14:25 Using anomaly detection find intruders in network
17:05 Data Strategy – determining the best means of data labeling
18:38 Establishing the Co-Founding team and how the core IP was developed
20:32 Getting your product in front of initial customers
23:20 “Data is more important than we ever envisioned for AI”…handling data
25:45 Lessons learned from working with and leveraging customer data
27:50 Vision for where 5G will take the world
33:19 Raising a seed round from industry players, then getting an SBIR contract
35:52 The early groundwork that enabled successful fundraising
37:33 Favorite tech tool: Slack
37:52 Why Jim is inspired by Elon Musk


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