AI in Competitive Intelligence
with Jason Smith of Klue
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
2:19 Raising capital | Operator VCs versus Finance VCs
5:19 Invaluable learnings from Jason’s 5 previous startups (3 failed, 2 wins)
8:39 The origins of Klue | helping sales teams win deals via competitive intelligence
10:58 Early challenges with unstructured data and cost/benefit of increasing prediction accuracy
12:52 “Different clients think the same article is relevant or not and it really confuses the algorithm”
14:39 UI/UX of the Klue Platform | “my competition is a 6-month old PowerPoint”
16:34 How sales teams (consumers) and product marketers (curators) engage with Klue
21:07 Data collections strategies and determining the important data points to train ML algorithms
26:47 How Klue found talent to build AI tech despite limited funding and brand recognition
29:08 Who fits well on Klue’s AI team
31:59 Jason’s sage advice – “Stick with the lean principles of building a business”
34:06 Data labeling – Internal vs Outsourcing
35:03 Why Marc Andreesen inspires Jason
37:39 How Klue communicates ROI to customers
40:00 Favorite tech tool: ClickUp


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