AI in Accounting with
Enrico Palmerino of Botkeeper
Accountants have been asking for automation for decades. Bookkeeping processes and application management are filled with mundane tasks that require a lot of time and prevent accountants from being the expert advisor their client wants. Botkeeper is leveraging machine learning and robotic process automation to limit “busy work”. In this episode, we sit with Enrico Palmerino, Founder and CEO, to discuss the various ways AI is changing the landscape of accounting.
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):

2:38 Leveraging a math background as a springboard into AI
4:51 Where AI is important in an accounting organization or team
6:42 Pain points for accountants & Botkeeper product walk through
12:01 The mechanics of building an AI company (before having all the data)
16:41 Building a global team as a startup and its benefits
21:00 Hiring data scientists and machine learning engineers and the impact on product
22:55 From founder selling to building a world class sales team
29:30 Purple Unicorns: industry/domain expertise + engineering background


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