AI in Meeting Scheduling
with Dennis Mortensen of
Scheduling meetings is a mundane process virtually everyone complains about – dozens of emails flying back and forth to find a time for the team to meet. is leveraging artificial intelligence to provide users with their own scheduling assistant who handles all of the administrative work. In this episode, Dennis Mortensen (Founder and CEO) of reveals the magic behind the technology and shares some lesson on launching an AI startup. We’ll cover: lessons learned from exiting a business, data strategy, data driven actions, generating product demand, and more.
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):

1:20 Learning from previous exits
3:07 Building to sell vs building for quality vs loving the journey
8:54 Why the meeting scheduling market was ripe for disruption
10:50 Pain points solved in meeting scheduling & how works
12:39 Starting in a small market and riding the wave to multi-billion TAM
15:50 Identifying where artificial intelligence drives value
18:39 Navigating the data journey to train models
21:35 Moving from data analysis to AI driven actions
24:45 How users experience product
27:50 Lesson learned in finding the first customers (B2B vs B2C)
29:44 Creating excitement to acquire first customers
34.18 What Dennis would do if he could restart from day one


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