AI in Email Security
with Dave Baggett of INKY
Scammers steal over $1.5 billion a year by gaining access to your personally identifiable information. Your Email is their primary means of access. How can artificial intelligence keep you safe? INKY appears to have an answer, leveraging the latest in ML block phishing attacks. In this episode, we interview Dave Baggett, Inky’s Co-Founder and CEO. This episode covers finding product-market fit with an AI product, leveraging multiple ML approaches, building a capable AI team, plus more.
Show Notes with Timestamps :

2:12 Why INKY was started and finding product market fit in email security
6:37 Getting the ear of your ideal customer when you’re pre-revenue
11:27 Outreach strategy for CISO’s and initial customers
13:50 Solving the email phishing issue, INKY value prop
16:47 Building an AI-based product
18:58 INKY’s 2 Machine Learning approaches to solving phising
22:09 How attackers impersonate brands to steal sensitive information
24:40 Business impact of falling victim to a phishing attack
27:12 Consultative selling and education the customer on an AI product
33:00 Talent acquisition in artificial intelligence
35:30 The importance of a business partner with a complimentary skillset
39:10 Early stage startup employees require a certain personality type


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