Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing with Brian Mathews and ABhishek Pani of Bright Machines
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
2:32 Background on Brian Mathews and experience at Autodesk
3:33 Abhi’s background and deep leadership in AI at Adobe
5:22 The impact of globalization and the need for automation in manufacturing
8:14 The challenges with traditional approaches to automation in manufacturing
10:38 How the emergence of AI/ML enabled Bright Machines to redefine automation
14:56 “What we build for our customers”
16:23 How AI/ML is being used to build products
18:09 Deciding what AI solution to build first
22:37 The importance of domain and context when choosing an ML approach | synthetic data
26:03 An approach to building synthetic data
31:25 Data strategy – collecting and labeling data
35:09 Building for adoption by non-technical users
39:36 Customer conversations and go to market
47:18 Recruiting top talent in AI/ML
40:14 What attracts top talent
52:09 Favorite tech tools: Slack
52:39 Inspirational Figures: Michael Jordan (of Berkeley), Steve Wozniak, Elon Musk


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