Artificial Intelligence in Ad Optimization with Apoorva Dornadula of Viralspace
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
2:23 Apoorva’s background and finding interest in AI and entrepreneurship
3:54 Pivoting from their initial business idea
5:26 Addressing the pain points for performance marketers and how Viralspace helps
8:50 How performance marketers use Viralspace
9:43 The Viralspace product
12:28 How Viralspace is using artificial intelligence
14:29 The data journey – where Viralspace began
15:31 Cleaning and tagging data – when to automate when to leverage human resources
16:53 Why develop an internal data labeling solution
18:47 Customer conversation – what do they care about?
21:37 Getting the ball rolling in sales by leveraging a customer advisory board
28:20 Finding and hiring the first AI engineer
32:31 Favorite tech tool: Notion
34:00 Most inspirational leader: Fei Fei Li
34:54 Apoorva’s perspective on AI ethics and how it is represented in Viralspace


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