Artificial Intelligence in Fashion & eCommerce with Amit Aggarwal of THE YES
The fashion and eCommerce worlds are getting a makeover. The Yes is revolutionizing the shopping experience by creating an “online store” that is personalized to the unique preference of each of its users. In this episode, Amit Aggarwal (Co-Founder and CTO) reveals how The Yes is leveraging machine learning to deliver “one million stores for one million users”. This episode covers: data strategy, the importance of UI/UX, organizing the right team, and go to market strategy.
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):

2:30 How the Founders came together and the opportunity they saw
4:30 “The core problem that we are trying to solve…”
7:00 “In the world of online eCommerce, you should have your own store…If we have a million customers we will have a million stores”
10:25 User experience and how personalization is built into each user’s store
12:40 Benefits of leveraging machine learning for scale and for finding hidden consumer style preferences
15:45 Data strategy and feature engineering
19:00 Partnerships and customer acquisition strategy
25:27 Democratizing brand awareness via consumer preferences and personalization
26:50 Hiring the right talent and skillsets
32:30 Finetuning the UI/UX
34:30 The importance of focused problem solving when implementing ML problems
37:08 Timing challenges when building AI solutions


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