Building Data Applications for AI
with AManda Kelly of STreamlit
Powerpoint is a thing of the past. Organizations and individuals with valuable data want a way to build dynamic dashboards and data driven apps, without having to acquire front-end development experience. Enter Amanda Kelly (Co-Founder and COO of Streamlit). Amanda leads a quickly growing startup focused on turning data scripts into shareable web apps in minutes.

In this episode we discuss: how Amanda leveraged her experience in business operations to add value to AI organizations, AI-hype and the real users of cognitive solutions, strategy for selecting the first few hires, the role of a COO in a startup, and much more.

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Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
2:09 Amanda’s journey to artificial intelligence
5:38 Thoughts on AI-hype and where it’s actually being adopted
8:12 Making data dynamic | The core issue Streamlit is solving
11:35 What’s needed to get started with Streamlit
13:24 Determining a business model and starting as a open source product
17:30 Fundraising | Landing investors who understand the vision and the technology
20:31 Growing the team beyond the initial Founding team
23:39 Proactively seeking user feedback via communities and trusted creators
26:42 Adding value to an AI startup as a business strategist/operations specialist
30:18 The typical Monday for Amanda Kelly
32:45 Favorite Tech tool: Notion
34:40 Who inspires Amanda: Her Co-Founders, Anne Patterson & Glenn Solomon (Investors/Board Members)
35:28 Where good investors can help solve every day problems for a startup


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