Artificial Intelligence in Soil Analysis with Adrian Ferrero of Biome Makers
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
1:40 Born in Spain and moved to Silicon Valley for the startup dream
3:01 Why Biome Makers needed to move out of the Bay Area to grow
4:02 Origins of Biome Makers | Applying AI to soil analysis
5:54 The impact of microbes on food production/farming
7:54 Analyzing the soil and understanding the network of microbes to predict
10:34 Enabling farmers to leverage biology versus rely on chemical treatments
14:29 How Biome Makers delivers its insight to farmers
16:02 How farmers save money, improve efficiency and quality of crop, and commercialize carbon credits
18:51 Identifying, collecting, selecting valuable data to train AI
23:04 Messaging is important | learning how to deliver data-driven insights to farmers
27:41 Working alongside agronomists and corporate owned farms
33:13 “We have 700 clients in 35 countries”
36:17 Getting backed by US investors – $8.5mm total raised capital
39:40 How investors have helped accelerate Biome Makers success
41:00 Favorite tech tool
42:10 Who inspires Adrian: Former CTO of Illumina


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