Artificial Intelligence in Relationship Management with Ablorde Ashigbe of 4Degrees
Show Notes with Timestamps (VIDEO):
2:52 Why 4Degrees exists and how it came to be
6:20 Diving deeper into your professional relationships to open business opportunities
7:05 How an investor might leverage 4Degrees to close a deal
8:55 How AI is used to power relationship management and development
11:15 Finding a Co-Founder and establishing a Founding team
13:48 Joining the 2017 Techstars Chicago class
15:03 Evaluating whether an accelerator is the right step (equity vs. access)
16:59 Thinking about the first few hires as a startup (mentality and culture)
19:38 Convincing talented people to join the startup journey
21:33 Most effective tech tools used by 4Degrees
22:53 Inspirational business leader: Karen Snyder of Textio
22:54 Spend 2x the time on finding the right “first hires”


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